New Beginings

Date : 4/8/2020 | Listening to : Playa Shit - NxxxxxS ft Soudiere | Mood : Relaxed
Hello! welcome to my new site Softwaves, as much as i loved coastal i wanted to start off fresh thanks to olivia @scenecult for hosting me & also thank you melinda for the layout, i appeciate you both <3 2020 has been a weird time i think we can all agree on that, i hope things get better soon for everyone please stay safe durring this tough time, Ive been really into spiritual healing lately ( tarot cards , crystal healing ) more self love, its so important, & ive been getting back into things that i love also i have more motivation. Im going to keep this short because most likely people wont read this but enjoy the site andn have an amazing day xoxo